Integrated and collaborative health advice specific to your business.

As the global professional landscape evolves, it presents fresh health-related obstacles. 

Besides addressing existing health risks, businesses must also consider how they can:

  • enhance the efficiency of health systems and policies
  • augment decision-making processes to be health-oriented
  • transition from health and safety compliance to achieving high performance.

Neglecting these aspects could result in detrimental or unforeseen impacts on your workforce, clients, patients, and overall productivity.

Co-designed solutions with our diverse team of highly credentialled advisors

Aspen Medical's health advisory services provide practitioner-led problem-solving solutions developed using a co-design framework and multidisciplinary experts. 

We offer a range of services providing health service advice to organizations and governments who are:

  • seeking to improve or expand their health services
  • scoping and designing new clinics and hospitals
  • assessing workforce and workplace health and wellness
  • creating new opportunities for growth and building sustainability
  • planning, designing and improving health system service design or delivery
  • reviewing and evaluating:
    • policy
    • practice
    • quality improvement
    • clinical management and care models
    • corporate or clinical governance. 

We support our clients with tailored solutions to address their specific business needs. These include:

Health risk assessments (HRA)

HRAs identify, evaluate and develop mechanisms to control work-related health hazards and risks to protect health. Our HRA service considers risks such as chemical exposure, pandemic, manual handling, water and air quality, biodiversity, land use, community health, heat stress, radiation exposure, and psychological stress in the context of work health and safety.

Each HRA is tailored and led by an Occupational Physician, with support from an expert multidisciplinary team.

Capability improvement programs

We develop practical health solutions to overcome complex issues and support operations and decision-making. It includes:

  • decision-making and prioritization using value management processes 
  • scoping and feasibility studies 
  • health services design and evaluation 
  • health policy and practice effectiveness 
  • developing people-centred care models
  • workplace and workforce productivity 
  • regulatory compliance, quality assurance and benchmarking for improvement of emerging
  • health issues such as air quality and building health 
  • government and community engagement. 

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on retainer

We offer a tailored 24/7 service that provides a medical advisor on demand and contributes to quality improvement for identified issues across your business. 

Each CMO on retainer can support in-house CMOs and advisors to fill knowledge and capability gaps, providing support during periods of increased workload.

We can also provide periodic, tailored on-call support for organizations that require infrequent services of a fully-fledged CMO. 

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